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Black and White
Megjelent: 2011. Aug. 21.
Műfaj: Grime, British hip hop, R&B


1. Black and White
2. Never Be Me (Feat. Angel)
3. Traktor (Feat. L Marshall)
4. Please Don’t Let Me Go
5. Unorthodox (Feat. Example)
6. I’m Not the Man (Feat. Chipmunk & Angel)
7. Anniversary (Fall in Love) (Feat. Alex Mills)
8. Sane’s the New Mad
9. Forgiveness (Feat. Etta Bond)
10. Long Way Home (Feat. Daley)
11. Let Yourself Go
12. Don’t Be Afraid (Feat. Delilah)
13. Hush Little Baby (Feat. Ed Sheeran)
14. Don’t Go (Feat. Josh Kumra)
15. Breathe (Sha La La)
16. Air




Megjelent: 2008. Nov. 13.
Műfaj: Grime, British hip hop


1. Welcome to My World
2. Wretchrospective (Feat. Vis)
3. Take This from Me (Feat. Badness)
4. Me and You (Feat. Haydon)
5. Chinese Whispers (Feat. Scorcher & Chipmunk)
6. Ina Di Ghetto (Feat. Badness & Ghetto)
7. Pisces
8. Swaggalicious (Interlude) (Feat. Mr. Grand Jones)
9. Swaggalicious (Feat. Scorcher)
10. Be Cool (Feat. Wizzy Wow)
11. On Fire (Feat. J.F.L.O.W.S)
12. Stop My Pen from Crying (Feat. Darren B)
13. All That I Need
14. The Reason (Feat. P. Nero & Calibar)
15. Remember the Titan
16. The End Scene
17. Be Cool (Remix Feat. Wizzy Wow, Tinie Tempah, Scorcher, Bashy & Sway)
18. Superhero (Feat. Wiley)
19. Action Man (Feat. Chipmunk, Scorcher, Sneakbo & Calibar)