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For the Love of Ray J

For the Love of Ray J
Megjelent: 2009. Már. 24.
Műfaj: R&B, Hip hop


1. For the Love of Ray J
2. Sexy Ladies (Feat. TruthKO & Shorty Mack)
3. Crush (Feat. Warren G)
4. Paradise (Feat. TruthKO)
5. Sex in the Rain (Feat. Shorty Mack)
6. She Freaky (Feat. Unk)
7. Keep It Playa (Feat. Slim Thug & Boss Hogg Outlawz)
8. She Got Me Like (Ahh Shit) (Feat. Bubba Sparxxx)
9. Dirty Samantha (Feat. Shorty Mack)
10. Good Times (Feat. Shorty Mack)
11. Apocalypse Soul (Feat. Willie Norwood)
12. Sexy Can I (Remix) (Feat. Sheek Louch)




All I Feel

All I Feel
Megjelent: 2008. Ápr. 07.
Műfaj: R&B, Hip hop


1. Don’t Wanna Be Right (Intro) (Feat. Shia LaBeouf)
2. I Like to Trick
3. Sexy Can I (Feat. Yung Berg)
4. Gifts
5. Girl from the Bronx
6. Jump Off
7. Boyfriend
8. All I Feel
9. It’s Up to You
10. Where You At (Feat. The Game)
11. Real Nigga (Feat. Styles P)
12. Good Girl Gone Bad (Feat. Shorty Mack)
13. I Can Feel It (Outro) (Feat. Shia LaBeouf)
14. Good Times (Feat. Shorty Mack)





Megjelent: 2005. Szep. 20.
Műfaj: R&B, Pop


1. Raydiation Intro
2. Keep Sweatin’ (Feat. Fat Joe)
3. What I Need
4. One Wish
5. Let’s Play House
6. Blue High Heels
7. Melody
8. War Is Over (Feat. Brandy)
9. Quit Actin (Feat. R. Kelly)
10. Exotic
11. Unbelievable (Feat. Gangsta Girl & Noel “Detail” Fisher)
12. Sexy (Feat. Mýa)
13. In the Mood
14. Anytime
15. Centerview




This Ain't a Game

This Ain’t a Game
Megjelent: 2001. Jún. 19.
Műfaj: R&B, Hip hop, Urban


1. Intro
2. Wait a Minute (Feat. Pharrell & Lil’ Kim)
3. Takin’ Control
4. Formal Invite (Feat. Pharrell)
5. Keep Your Head Up
6. I Tried
7. U Need It/U Don’t
8. Out tha Ghetto (Feat. Shorty Mack)
9. No More
10. This Ain’t a Game
11. Interlude
12. Wet Me
13. Crazy
14. I Got It All
15. Airport (Skit)
16. Where Do We Go From Here




Everything You Want

Everything You Want
Megjelent: 1997. Már. 25.
Műfaj: R&B, Hip hop, Urban


1. Feel the Funk I…
2. Let It Go
3. Everything You Want
4. Good Thangs
5. The Promise
6. Changes
7. Thank You (Feat. Brandy)
8. Let It Go (Part 2)
9. Can’t Run, Can’t Hide
10. Rock with Me (Feat. Keith Crouch)
11. Love You from My Heart
12. High on You
13. Because of You
14. Feel the Funk II…