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Sorry for Party Rocking

Sorry for Party Rocking
Megjelent: 2011. Jún. 17.
Műfaj: Dance-pop, EDM, Hip hop


1. Rock the Beat II. (Intro)
2. Sorry for Party Rocking
3. Party Rock Anthem (Feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock)
4. Sexy and I Know It
5. Champagne Showers (Feat. Natalia Kills)
6. One Day
7. Take It to the Hole (Feat. Busta Rhymes)
8. Best Night (Feat., GoonRock & Eva Simons)
9. All Night Long (Feat. Lisa Tatjana)
10. With You
11. Put That A$$ to Work
12. We Came Here to Party (Feat. GoonRock)
13. Reminds Me of You (Feat. Calvin Harris)
14. Hot Dog




Party Rock

Party Rock
Megjelent: 2009. Júl. 07.
Műfaj: Dance-pop, EDM, Hip hop


1. Rock the Beat
2. I’m in Miami Bitch
3. Get Crazy
4. Lil’ Hipster Girl
5. La La La
6. What Happens at the Party
7. Leaving U 4 the Groove
8. I Don’t Wanna Be
9. Shots (Feat. Lil Jon)
10. Bounce
11. I Shake, I Move
12. I Am Not a Whore
13. Yes
14. Scream My Name
15. Get On Down
16. A Song About Us