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Welcome to the Dollhouse
Megjelent: 2008. Már. 18.
Műfaj: Pop, R&B, Hip hop, Dance pop


1. Welcome to the Dollhouse (Feat. P. Diddy)
2. Bad Girl (Feat. Missy Elliott)
3. Damaged
4. Pretty Boy
5. Strip Tease
6. Sucka for Love
7. Secret Place (Interlude)
8. Ecstasy (Feat. Rick Ross)
9. 2 of You
10. Lights Out
11. Picture This (Interlude)
12. Poetry
13. Key to My Heart
14. Flashback (Interlude)
15. Is Anybody Listening…
16. Ain’t Going (Feat. Day26 & Donnie Klang)
17. Make Me Sick




Danity Kane
Megjelent: 2006. Aug. 22.
Műfaj: Pop, R&B, Hip hop


1. One Shot
2. Heartbreaker
3. Want It
4. Right Now
5. Show Stopper
6. Hold Me Down
7. Come Over (Interlude)
8. Oooh Ahh
9. Press Pause
10. Ain’t True (Interlude)
11. Ride For You
12. Touching My Body
13. Back Up
14. Stay with Me
15. Sleep On It