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Megjelent: 2017. Szep. 19.
Műfaj: Folk, Alternative-Folk, Soul, Pop


1. Intro
2. Mantra
3. Love Song For An Ex
4. Mad Heart
5. The Witch
6. Brand Old Revolution
7. The Devil Waits For Me To Slip
8. Warrior Soul
9. Laika’s Ballad
10. Secret Life




Megjelent: 2016. Már. 01.
Műfaj: Folk, Alternative-Folk, Soul


1. Fisherman (Feat. M3NSA)
2. Remember How (Feat. Saiid)
3. Don’t Fall In Love With Me
4. The Hand I Raise









Stories After Bedtime
Megjelent: 2014. Szep. 20.
Műfaj: Folk, Folk-pop, Soul


1. Intro
2. Don’t Let The Bedbugs Bite
3. The Pirate’s Waltz
4. People
5. In The Devil’s Catacomb
6. Arkansas
7. The Trouble With You
8. Kittens in Trees
9. Click and Bang




Dirt From When The Earth Was Flat
Megjelent: 2012. Szep. 03.
Műfaj: Folk, Folk-pop, Soul


1. Once I knew A Boy
2. Riots
3. Pyromani (lek inte med elden)
4. Dolinsko
5. The Untold Tale Of Ikaros
6. A Song For The Winter Sky (And You)
7. 43 Seconds To Hiroshima
8. Naked And Quiet
9. If You Think About It
10. Just Another Nocturne To Clear My Mind
11. Kittens In Trees
12. It’s 6 In The Morning And I Think I Love You




Lovers and Prophets
Megjelent: 2012. Szep. 03.
Műfaj: Folk, Folk-pop, Soul


1. Don’t Let The Bedbugs Bite
2. Macho Woman
3. Confessions Of Berlin
4. Moth To The Flame
5. Rainy June
6. The Smallest Song In The World
7. Time Killer
8. Waiting For War
9. Snow White
10. In The Early Hours
11. Storms
12. Down The Rabbit Hole